I started my career with the global social media corporation in 2016, shooting behind the scenes video for a campaign event in Margate. This event was such a success that I was invited back multiple times to film a number of international community-based events.


As my relationship with the company grew, I was invited to work on various branded campaigns working with big-name influencers and celebrities, where I produced sponsored content under the Niche brand, a division of Twitter UK.


These included working with household names such as EE, BAFTA, Cadbury and various others.


I credit Twitter UK with educating me in the worlds of digital marketing and social media and still continue to work with them to this day.


  • Creator Day 2018 Event Highlights

  •  Lydia Bright x The BAFTAs Lead Up Campaign 

  • -Anastasia Kingsnorth for EE 'Data Boss'

  •  Maya Jama 'Free Data Boost' for EE

  •  Joe Tasker 'Cadbury Van Giveaway'