Produced by Angel Rose


Collaboration with multi-media artist Angel Rose, The Cool Universe, an interactive installation of video, sound and graphics. A series of five video lectures comprise a ‘How to be cool’ educational program, which analyses historical and contemporary interpretations of counter-culture and considers the point at which these radical movements and individuals become assimilated into economies of ‘coolness’. Using London’s alternative club scene as a backdrop, The Cool Universe depicts the search for coolness as not only the project of youth culture, but as part of the preoccupation with authenticity, individuality and freedom that pervades modern life in the western world.


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Oozing Gloop

Alexandre Simões

 Afonso Peixoto

Sharon Le Grande

Harriet Scott

Eden Loweth

Emily Rose England

Zarah Kofler

Eugenia Shishkina

Meri Karhu

Kevin Brennan

Tom Barratt

Featured in Somerset House's 'Utopian Voices Here and Now' July 2016