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Sam Stringer is a talented filmmaker and digital marketer based in London. With 8+ years of experience working with top brands such as Twitter, GoHenry, Honda, ITV, and Viacom, Sam has established himself as a sought-after creative professional. His diverse skill set includes creative direction, motion graphics, and a full-service approach to digital marketing. 


With a versatile portfolio that showcases his expertise across a range of mediums. From directing music videos to showcasing fashion films in prestigious venues like Paris's Centre Pompidou, Stringer has a proven track record of delivering captivating and impactful content. He has a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling that shines through in every project he works on. Whether it's developing a concept from scratch or taking a client's vision to the next level, Sam has the ability to bring ideas to life in new and exciting ways. His background in motion graphics and creative direction, combined with his technical expertise, makes him the ideal collaborator for brands looking to make a splash in the digital space.


With a background in broadcast advertising, web exclusives, and content strategy, Sam is equipped to handle every aspect of production. Whether it's managing a team of creatives or overseeing post-production, Sam has a unique combination of technical and creative skills that allow him to excel in any sized production. Sam is the complete solution for any brand looking to elevate their online presence and engage with their audience through powerful visuals and impactful narrative-driven content.

As the in-house content creative lead for GoHenry, Stringer has been instrumental in driving the brand's digital marketing efforts forward. GoHenry is a popular pocket money app that helps parents teach their kids about budgeting, saving, and spending responsibly. In his role, Sam brings his expertise in creative direction and motion graphics to the table, helping to develop and execute engaging content that resonates with the app's target audience. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Sam has created strong video assets for GoHenry that has helped to build brand awareness and drive user acquisition. Whether it's leading video shoots or developing social media campaigns, Sam is a valuable asset to the GoHenry team, helping to bring their brand vision to life.

Turn heads, captivate audiences and get the complete solution for your digital marketing needs with STRINGER

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