Videographer & Digital Producer

    During my time at Creative Nerds, I worked extensively on the Afronation Festival account,  an 8-month project which involved building the festival’s socials from the ground up.


As Creative Nerds in-house video content specialist, it was my role to create various animated content used to promote the festival and enhance ticket sales. During the festival itself, I was the on the ground videographer, shooting and editing content throughout the 3-day event.


This was an intense experience, on-location shooting with a small team and an hourly turnaround, but being a part of the festival's creation and fruition was incredibly fulfilling.


Afronation currently stands at 126k followers on Instagram, 80% of which was built during the lead-up and the 2019 festival itself. It has also expanded to two more locations, Afronation Ghana and Afronation Puerto Rico, both of which I have worked on.


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