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Stringer's work lives within the realms of the seen & unseen, be that creating short film tableau of distorted creatures to unpeeling hidden narratives in his documentaries. 

Coming from a fine art painting background which continues to inform his work, he has had several pieces shown in various London spaces & also Paris’s Centre Pompidou. Stringer has also had extensive experience in social media & digital marketing which has allowed him to carve out a unique niche combining modern sensibilities with his traditional art film style.

He is also an early adopter of AI image generation, creating provocative imagery that tests Instagram's algorithms.  

Stringer's DIY approach has followed him throughout his career from broadcast advertising to music videos. His textural & raw approach to directing & editing has allowed him to create hyper-mobile & dynamic content for various household name brands.

PHONE #: +44 07921 206616

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